Krov i fasada

Metal roof and facade systems

Modern buildings have metal roofs and facades which are not only bearing elements but also fulfill the function of thermal insulation, protection and aesthetics.
Necessary elements of any modern façade are metal  panels of various shapes, various colors and supreme insulation properties.
Bajkmont uses the most  modern materials and techniques, and adapt its roof and façade systems  to your vision.

A wide palette of panel shapes and colors and various ways of assembly provide unique visual look of the building. Roof and façade elements which we utilize have excellent technical characteristics including fire protection (mineral wool) , and thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Our services include the assembly of roof and wall sandwich panels filled with mineral wool or polyurethane (PUR-PIR), assembly of  sound absorption panels,  assembly of light-permeable polycarbonate roof elements, smoke domes and light domes, and the assembly of perforated metal sheets.
We also produce and assemble all sorts of metal sheets for building  purposes,  made of zinc-coated,  plastic-coated, stainless steel, and aluminum  metal sheets. Our sheet-metal palette and sheet-metal flashings include  gutters, drainpipes,  decorative strips, masks, flashings,  as well as trapezoid sheet metals. We also emphasize shorter erection period since it is only necessary to assemble prefabricated facade and roof elements. 

By means of our facade systems it is  possible, in a unique and functional way, to find a solution to a majority of modern architectural concepts. Therefore, our facades are not restricted to usual solutions, but they allow for the architect to design the building in a unique and impressionable way.